surprise art collecting

#ArtSwap2010 piece flying over the Atlantic...

watercolor titled Cell Activation II

Thanks to David Pringle ( for creating #ArtSwap2010, a fun and exciting way for artists to connect and share their work through social media. #ArtSwap2010 is a bit Secret-Santa mixed with surprise art collecting. Artists from around the world signed up for the swap through David's website. Each artist worked on an original piece no bigger than 8" x 10". David kept everyone updated through Twitter, and when the deadline came up, he assigned every artist a recipient's address from the #ArtSwap2010 pool. No one is to let on to whom they're sending their art piece, so no one knows what they're getting! It's always fun getting stuff in the mail (not including bills).

The image above is of the piece I put in the post for #ArtSwap2010 on May 26th. It's a watercolor, another in the cellular series. The 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) size constraint immediately put me in mind to do some watercolors. I had put that series aside for a few months, and it was a nice break to pick it up again. Pondering the microscopic world in  broad strokes of light and color is a meditative work practice.

I hope the recipient enjoys the watercolor. Fingers crossed.