Life after a deadline (also, Portrait Show!)

The portrait exhibition in Helsinki's Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius is open for one more week (and the abstraction show at O. Jauhiainen Museum in Kiiminki just closed on the 20th), and the everyday routine at home is back in force. It seems strangely quiet 'round here without all the exhibition deadline anxiety, short tempers and sleepless nights (well, those still exist, but for other, pre-terrible-two reasons). Before a show I always panic about the quantity (did I underestimate the gallery size?) and quality of my work, and any last-minute creativity can either be a stress disaster on canvas or a gift from the muses. Luckily, preparations went smoothly, the shows were a joy to hang and the openings were gratifying.

So gratifying, in fact, that I had a bit of a post-opening boost of inspiration. This is my first portraiture show, and going into it I was a bit apprehensive about how my work would be viewed. What I have heard, so far, has been all encouragement, and what I haven't heard I will assume is good too (have to be an optimist in this field, or at least in denial half the time). I've got a to-do list of ideas for more portraits, but I lack a plan, at the moment, on how to extend my model pool beyond the immediate family. My traveling capabilities are a wee bit limited due to the holiday season and the imminent arrival of another family member in January, but those are temporary-ish hurdles to vault. Anyone interested in a chance to be immortalized in a recognizable-yet-unmistakably-distinctive way? Here's another example to spark some interest:


And another: