newspaper misinformation

Suddenly with Children

It's bad enough when silly stuff comes out of my mouth unbidden and ends up in print. Now it appears that I don't even have to speak to a reporter to have erroneous/farcical information printed about me or my work. I wasn't able to attend the press information session before the opening of the arSboretum 11 exhibition at the Westers Garden in Kemiö, which turns out to have been to my detriment. Either I was left off from write-ups entirely, or the reporter got fanciful:

Petra has many small children, the youngest of which was born in January, so understandably she was not able to attend in person. She paints the Lappish landscape around her and children, such as are in the paintings hanging in the summer cabana...(from Salonjokilaakso, June 9, 2011, a free local newspaper, translated by me)

I'm not sure how two young children turned into 'many', maybe the reporter was taking sloppy notes and got confused when s/he saw my paintings of several children on a pier. With 'many' young children it would be understandable if I don't get out much. I find it challenging finding the time to paint with two small children, let alone 'many'! And another point, even though I live in the Oulu area, which is way up and out there (compared to where I've lived in the US), I do not, technically, live in Lapland. That's another...well, about 31 miles north from here! I guess anywhere above Tampere seems like the great tundra to those southerners (Turku and Helsinki residents).

To sign off on a positive note, the regional newspaper Turun Sanomat did refer in passing to my portraits as painted "in the spirit of traditional national romanticism" (see Halonen, Pekka; Edelfelt, Albert and Gallen-Kallela, Axeli).