A tiny synapse went *pop*

Alexander Couwenberg, "Party Popper" [This is not the painting that made a tiny synapse in my head go *pop* - it was another by Alexander Couwenberg called 'Glint' (2008, acrylic on canvas, 28 x 48 in), which I can't seem to grab from anywhere. Just as well, I don't want to contribute (too much) gratuitous image duplication of other artists' work on the internet. This painting, "Party Popper" is on the artist's website as well as Peter Blake Gallery, while "Glint" is also at William Turner Gallery.]

So, while trawling through another blog's links (Two Coats of Paint, subscribe!), I clicked on a site called Geoform ("an online scholarly resource on geometric form and structure in contemporary art."). I wasn't really paying attention to it, engrossed as I was in another search, and it was only by chance I scrolled down the front page. That's when the tiny synapse went *pop*! I had found contemporary artists whose work is along a similar aesthetic direction as what I'm trying to do. I work in a geographic and stylistic bubble (the prevailing painting trend in Finland can be described as, hmm...let's just say it's not what I'm doing), and it was a visceral thrill (yep, the limbic system geared up) to see work to which I could relate.

And then I found Couwenberg's work, among them "Glint" - there was a rush, a bit of adrenalin, and a momentary conviction that anything could be accomplished. My head buzzed: dynamic painting process, interplay of space and depth, color fields, hard-edge (sounds tough, dunnit)... It was an 'aha!' moment, finding an affinity with another person's work, and it was energizing. It's like when, as a teenager, I would stare hard at a Cézanne in the Met, trying to absorb every nuance to understand the mechanics of painting. I wish I could goggle at Couwenberg's paintings in person, but I guess I'll have settle for dry eyes glaring at the computer screen.