Galleria 5

Surprise Exhibition at Galleria 5

The Oulu Artists' Association (Oulun taiteilijaseura 63 ry) organized a group exhibition at Galleria 5 with the cooperation of Oulun Saskiat ry. The organization and realization of the exhibition was all on short notice and last-minute, so the end result was named 'Yllätys' (in English 'Surprise', which warrants an exclamation mark, in my opinion). Two representatives from Saskiat ry were the jury for the artwork selection, and at the opening on 9.3.10, a modest grant was awarded to an artist participant, Anja Kurikka. I had one painting chosen for the show (along with 25 other artists' work), and I volunteered to help with the show hanging. While we did start off with only one hammer (what gallery only has one hammer in the toolbox?), the group got the show up pretty quickly. The OTS members in charge of the hanging did a very good job juggling the art in such a way that the entire show had a pleasing visual cohesion. Not an easy thing to do with such radically different pieces!

If you happen to be in the Oulu area, drop by! Gallery hours Wed-Fri 12 - 18, Sat-Sun 12 - 16, Hallituskatu 5, Oulu.

Yllätys-näyttely / Surprise Exhibition invitation