And after sitting number 4...

Kalervo Portrait ongoing work

Kalervo's looking a little more solid now, less ethereal. It was another lovely morning session, and it went smoothly despite a little ball-of-energy baby tearing around the studio every chance he got (darnit, that kid was supposed to nap for 2 hours, not 50 min!). My mother was over to watch, er, I mean corral the baby while I painted. She's an indefatigable conversationalist when she's allowed to get going. After the introductions were over I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the spectator role for this conversation sporting event, and I was able to concentrate on the painting. I say surprised, but I think I should give kudos to my subconscious for fixing this up.

We've agreed on another sitting on Sunday, and I will arrange for my mother to come over under the pretense of babysitting, but I will sit her in the studio to chat with Kalervo.